Anti-Racism Educational, Advocacy, and Self-Care Resources

We have compiled anti-racism educational, advocacy, and also healing and self-care resources below. Please email for any suggested additions.

Self-education materials

GSC DEI Allyship Guide

  • The Graduate Student Council Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee (GSC DEI) is circulating the GSC DEI Allyship Guide around MIT to help students and their research groups engage with discussions around anti-racism and effective allyship.
  • Additional information on How to Use the Allyship Guide with Your Group

#ShutDownStem #ShutDownAcademia

  • Resources for both those who are new to discussions about race and those who want to get more involved
  • Healing and self-care resources for Black people

Particles for Justice - Strike for Black Lives

  • Books, online articles and resources, podcasts, videos, kid-friendly reads, where to make donations
  • Healing and Self-care information for Black people

MIT Open Learning Resources on Race

  • Open courseware to learn about race, racism, and the African-American experience

MIT Libraries Racial Jusitice and Anti-Racism Resources

  • Books and films are available remotely to the MIT community

Ways to advocate for or discuss anti-racism at MIT