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Seminars and colloquia

Physics seminars

  • There are dozens of seminars about research per week across campus, in every field of study
    • These aren't like seminar classes - you don't have to pre-register; you just show up to whichever talks you're interested in, whenever you like
    • Many of these have free food
    • While many of the attendees are professors, postdocs, and grad students, don't be intimidated - you are most definitely welcome to be there
    • Some seminars are about highly technical research and involve physics you haven't learned yet. This is normal! Don't be intimidated if you don't understand everything (or even anything) - nobody else in the room does either, even the profs!
  • Usually the best ones for undergrads to attend are the so-called colloquia, which are geared towards a wide audience
    • In physics: every Thursday of the school year at 4:05, almost always in 10-250
    • Free food and coffee beforehand at 3:30 in the Pappalardo Room (4-349)
  • You are also welcome to attend seminars, which are slightly more technical


Undergraduate Research

During the school year

Summer Research

Conferences (and national organizations)

  • Each lab usually attends a few conferences per year that are specific to their area of physics
    • You'll need to ask friends in your lab/your advisor where they usually present 
    • It's not uncommon for undergraduates to go to conferences and present a poster about their research (and sometimes even give a talk!)
    • For example, the American Physical Society (APS), holds two major conferences per year, the March Meeting and April Meeting 
  • There are also a number of undergraduate-specific conferences, including:


Scholarships, Fellowships, Honors and Awards